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Mohammadifard, N; Gotay, C; Humphries, KH; Ignaszewski, A; Esmaillzadeh, A; Sarrafzadegan, N

Electrolyte minerals intake and cardiovascular health Journal Article Forthcoming

Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. , pp. 1-39, Forthcoming.

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Humphries, KH; Pilote, L

Research in Women's Cardiovascular Health-Progress at Last? Journal Article Forthcoming

Can J Cardiol., Forthcoming.

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Mohammadifard, N; Humphries, KH; Gotay, C; G, Mena-Sánchez G; Salas-Salvadó, J; Esmaillzadeh, A; Ignaszewski, I; Sarrafzadegan, N

Trace minerals intake: Risks and benefits for cardiovascular health. Journal Article Forthcoming

Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr, Forthcoming.

Abstract | Links | Tags: benefits, cardiovascular health, risks, trace minerals

Humphries, KH; Mancini, GBJ

Reduction of LDL-C-related residual cardiovascular risk with ezetimibe: are mechanistic considerations warranted in practice? Journal Article

Eur Heart J., 38 (29), pp. 2276-2278, 2017.

Links | Tags: cardiovascular health, ezetimibe, risk


Pilote, Louise; Humphries, Karin H

Incorporating Sex and Gender in Cardiovascular Research: The Time Has Come. Journal Article

The Canadian Journal of Cardiology, 30 (7), pp. 699–702, 2014.

Links | Tags: cardiovascular health, change, evidence, research, sex differences, sex vs. gender, women's heart health

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